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Case studies


Case study - Baby


Case study - Food


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Pick&Try is a web solution for FMCG brands, which gathers detailed consumer insights while sharing product samples. We show brands what they have done well and what could be done next to increase revenue.


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Case Study - Baby

Goldberger - Holle 3-Grain Porridge


Pick&Try increases product awareness and surprises brands with valuable facts about the promotions they have done.



Client: Goldberger

Brand: Holle

Product: Holle 3-Grain Porridge


Goals of the campaign:

1. Increase brand awareness
2. Prove wellness of the Holle new baby porridge
3. Measure knowledge of the product among target segment all over Estonia


Pick&Try solution:

- Informative product landing page
- Engaging marketing in offline channels
- Branded engaging posts in social media
- Consumer feedback survey


Results of the campaign:

- The campaign rose mass awareness - 30% of the samplers didn't know Holle brand before and 70% of them didn't know Holle 3-grain porridge before.
- The campaign drove sales - 70% of samplers admit they will continue buying Holle 3-grain porridge.
- The campaign surprised brand with new insights to consider when planning marketing - comparable data about product recognition and brand awareness gave clear feedback how to increase sales


"From a company point of view, Pick&Try is a convenient  and effective way to do sampling all over Estonia, being sure that the samples really reach the right segment. As a result, the gathered feedback can be used as a valuable tool to make conclusions of what has been done well and what could be done to achieve even better results." - Kertu-Kai Põldvere, Brand manager of Holle, Goldberger OÜ



For more details about this campaign or other case studies feel free to contact with our team at sales@pictry.ee